How to Make Payment?

Understand what  payment method is accepted and how it works

In this article :

1. Introduction

2. Payment Channels & Gateway

3. Manual Cash Deposit

4. Online Banking

5. Maybank QR Code

6. International - Paypal

7. iPay88 Gateway (Currently Under Maintenance)


Once you have chosen and added products to your cart, the next thing you will do is being directed to the payment method. Here are some tutorials and guidelines to help you out when you have encountered problems during your check out procedure.

Payment Channels & Gateway

Our payment method can de categorised into 2 category :

1. Domestic (Malaysia Region only)

2. International (Rest of the World)

For Domestic payment method it can be sectioned into :

1. Manual Cash Deposit ( Offline Bank In through Cash Deposit Machine)

2. Online Banking (Online transfer Instant transfer)

3. Maybank QR Code (Maybank online apps faster check out)

4. iPay88 Gateway (Currently Under Maintenance)

For International payment method it can be sectioned into :

1. Paypal (Debit/ Credit card)

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