Frequently Asked Questions


How to shop/order?

1. Shop at www.getaholic.co or Instagram @getaway_shopaholic

2. Order your desired products & Add to cart

  • Instagram DM Order - Send us the products & design you want)
  • Website - Add the products you want to your cart

3. Provide your personal details such as name, contact, email and address

4. Make the payment within 48 hours to secure your order

MAYBANK 557438517387


5. Upload proof of payment to our website www.getaholic.co or Instagram DM

6. Order will be confirmed

Where is Getaway Shopaholic Getaholic based in?

We are proudly based in Malaysia.

Are your products preorder or ready stock?

Getaway Shopaholic Getaholic is a preorder business model platform, our shipping time is around 14 working days. However, we also offer ready stock for certain products. Kindly contact our customer service for further assistance.

Where are the products produced?

Getaway Shopaholic Getaholic’s product is produced in different cities, namely Korea, Taiwan, Japan and Thailand. 

Do you provide Cash On Delivery (COD) service?

No, Getaway Shopaholic Getaholic does not provide Cash On Delivery (COD) services.

Any free shipping programme? 

Yes, Getaway Shopaholic Getaholic offers free shipping for orders equivalent or over RM150 for West Malaysian users.We also offer free shipping for your entire order when you purchase an item from the free shipping collection.

Free Shipping Collection Link https://www.getaholic.co/collections/free-shipping-collection

Any voucher for first time user?

No. We provide free gift for your order instead of giving vouchers.

What are your business hours?

Based in Malaysia, our operational hours is between 10AM to 2AM (Malaysia Time GMT+8).

I’m having trouble logging in.

We are sorry for the unusual experience. Kindly refresh the website, if it is still not workable, kindly revert immediately to our customer service so we can troubleshoot this problem. Further instructions will be provided. 

Can I rate the product I purchased?

Once you have received the products, you will be able to review the products you have purchased.

Can I change my Instagram username when my order is processing?

You are suggested to remain your Instagram username until the parcel has safely arrived to you. 

Loyalty Program

Do you offer any rewards/loyalty program?

Yes, we do provide an exclusive loyalty program ‘Getaholic Loyalty Program’ that offers an 8% cash back applicable for all products. Getaholic Loyalty Program provides a welcoming gift, discounts at birthday month, membership gift with every product. This loyalty program can be applied with RM12 annually.

Getaholic Loyalty Program Link https://www.getaholic.co/products/getaholic-loyalty-membership

When will I receive my Getaholic Loyalty Membership welcoming gift?

You will receive the welcoming gift depending on our schedule. If you have purchased an order alongside the loyalty membership, the free gift will be packed with the parcel. 


What kind of payment methods do you accept? 

Malaysia Billing Address

1. Manual Payment 

- Payment through Cash Deposit Machine or;

- Manual online transaction 

Transaction Charges : 0%

2. BillPlz 

- Payment Gateway that links Major Bank in Malaysia (CIMB, Maybank 2U, Public Bank, Bank Islam, Hong Leong Bank, HSBC Bank, RHB Bank and more)

Transaction Charges : RM1.50

3. Maybank QR Pay

- A payment via Maybank that allows you to scan and confirm payment amount.

Transaction Charges : 0%

Other Countries Billing Address

1. Paypal

- PayPal is a service that enables you to pay and send money with your debit and credit card or with your PayPal account. You can pay with certain currency such as MYR, USD, GBP, Euro etc.

Transaction Charges : 10% (Non inclusive of Shipping)

Can I change my payment method? 

Definitely! You are always allowed to change your payment methods with these steps below :

  1. Log in to your account at website www.getaholic.co
  2. Click on your order ID
  3. Click the PAY button
  4. Now, you can change your payment method

I’m getting problem upon checkout, what should I do?

We are sorry for the unusual experience. If you have encountered any problem during check out, you can immediately revert to our website customer service our Instagram DM for assistance. 

I'm unsure of my country's currency acronym.

Malaysia Ringgit : MYR

USA Dollar : USD

Indonesia Rupiah : IDR

India Rupee : INR

Euro : EUR

Japanese Yen : JYP

Pakistan Rupee : PKR

Australia Dollar : AUD

Brunei Dollar : BND

Bangladesh Taka : BDT

Iran Rial : IRR

Russia Rouble : RUB

Singapore Dollar : SGD

For other currencies, kindly refer to https://www.easymarkets.com/int/learn-centre/discover-trading/currency-acronyms-and-abbreviations/

I couldn't find my country's currency on this website.

If you did not manage to find your country's currency at our website, kindly contact our customer service immediately stating your country and your preferred currency so we can add your currency for you.

Which currency can I pay? 

You are allowed to pay in any form of currency. Our suggested currency will be USA Dollar USD.

What is handling fees? 

A handling fee is an amount charged to a customer on top of the order subtotal and shipping fees. It covers the cost of expenses related to fulfilment, such as warehouse storage cost, shipment cost, and packing cost. Handling fees are charged once per order but not to each individual product in an order.

How much is the handling fees? 

A handling fee of Malaysia Currency RM2 will be charged per order.

Will I be charged with International Bank fees?

We do not charge specifically for International bank fees. However, Paypal does charges a certain payment transaction fees.

Return & Refund 

How can I apply for return and refund if I received a faulty item?

If you have received products that are defected or you have received products different from your order, kindly follow the steps below:

1. Take a photo of the faulty item (As detailed as possible)

2. Record a video of the faulty item and explain the problem

3. Send the proof to our customer service at Instagram DM @getaway_shopaholic

4. Our customer service department will confirm your status of return and refund within 48 hours

5. After reviewing the status, the customer service department will update you on your status for return and refund.

Are there any refund or changes return for me if I’ve paid extra amount?

Yes for sure! If you've paid an extra amount, we will make the refund for you.

These are the two options:

  1. Online Transfer - Kindly provide your account number at the customer remarks.
  2. Your balance will be funded to your Getaholic Account credit.

Do you refund shipping cost if I return something?

Yes, we will pay full responsibility on the shipping cost. Our refund department will guide you on the refund and exchange procedure.

What should I do if i received the wrong product?

Oh no dear, we are very sorry for the unusual experience! If you have encountered this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us through email halo.getaway@gmail.com ; customer service at website ; Instagram DM Customer Service @getaway_shopaholic

Kindly mention your Order ID, Name, Product and Issue.

Where should I deliver the faulty product? 

If you're willing to exchange for a new product, we will send you the new product in your second parcel. You will get the parcel bag and consignment note in second parcel. All you need to do is to drop the parcel with the faulty item at your nearest Pos Laju outlet.


Where do you deliver your products?

We proudly deliver our love and our brand products worldwide.

How can I get free shipping?

West Malaysia Users

Lucky for all of you! There are two ways to get free shipping for your order!

  1. Purchase order equivalent to RM150 or above
  2. Buy any products from Free Shipping Collection, the other product’s shipping will be exempted

East Malaysia Users & International Users

Instead of free shipping promotion, we provide discount RM10 for your orders over RM150. We are working on the free shipping promotion now and it will be announced very soon.

Where can I receive my tracking number?

You will receive your tracking number through email or Instagram DM.

If you've ordered through website, you will receive your tracking number via e-mail.

If you've ordered through Instagram DM, you will receive your tracking number via Instagram DM.

When will I receive my tracking number? 

The tracking number will be sent within the 10th to 14th days after the date of payment. If you have not received the tracking number within that period, kindly contact our customer services for further assistance. 

How can I track the delivery of my order? 

You will receive the tracking number with its respective courier and link to track your order. As soon as the tracking number is prepared, we will update you via the platform that you purchase your order. As such, if you order via website, you will receive your tracking number through email; If you order via Instagram DM, you will receive you updates from the same channel.

Can I track my order immediately after my tracking number is given?

Getaway Shopaholic sends you the tracking number on the day we ship your order. The tracking number might not be activated on the same day depending on the courier company.We will suggest you to check your tracking number on the second day after the tracking number is given. 

How long does delivery take?

Getaway Shopaholic Getaholic is a preorder business model platform, our delivery time is around 14 working days. 

Can I still change my shipping address after placing the order?

It depends on solely on the shipping status. As far as we do not recommend you to make changes, we understand your concerns. Kindly contact our customer service immediately so our logistics department can rearrange your delivery. However, we do not guarantee that we are able to change your shipping address.

What can I do if I missed my parcel delivery?

  1. Contact our customer service to inform this issue.
  2. Track your parcel or contact the courier company and check the status of the parcel within 24 hours. 
  3. Once you have the information, please contact the courier service to either reschedule your shipping or collect the parcel at the specific branch.
  4. Kindly inform us when you have received your parcel.

I have already paid my shipping fees, why do I have to collect the parcel at the courier service office?

We are sincerely sorry for the unusual experience and we will assist you throughout the entire process. The courier service takes full responsibility of your parcel delivery schedule, if you have missed your parcel delivery due to several reasons, you might have to collect the parcel yourself at the respective branch or reschedule your delivery time with the courier company. You may refer to the specific courier company for their terms of service to understand more about this issue.

Can I have the courier company’s contact number?

Unless we have provided you with specific numbers that you can contact, you are always welcome to dial the hotline of the respective company to understand your parcel's status.

Attached below with the hotline service for each courier company :

Skynet http://www.skynet.com.my/branch

PosLaju Customer Care : 1-300-300-300

DHL Express Customer Service agent : 1-800-888-388

ABX Customer Service Hotline : 03-80843111

Order Issues 

How to change my billing information? Can I edit my order list?

You can change your billing information anytime you want.

Kindly follow the procedure below:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Contact the customer service and send them your 
  3. Inform the customer service you request to change your billing address.
  4. Send your new billing address.

Can I edit my order list? How long does it take for my order to be confirmed?

Aww I'm sorry dear, you are only allowed to edit your order list depending on your order status. However, you can always contact our customer service for any changes. We are ready to help you out at all times.

Why is my order status "unpaid"? Should I re-order?

If you have successfully paid for your your order, kindly attach the receipt and the order will be confirmed once we have received your payment.

I didn't get my confirmation email. Did I place my order successfully? 

You will receive a confirmation email if you have ordered at our website. If you not receive the confirmation email, you can contact us immediately through email or customer service.

I’ve been charged twice, what should I do? 

Do not freak out if you've been charged twice as we are here to help! We are truly sorry for the unsual experience but if you've been charged twice, kindly screenshot the payment proof and send it to us. You can contact us through email halo.getaway@gmail.com ; customer service at website ; Instagram DM Customer Service @getaway_shopaholic


Can I request for a Birthday Card or Wish Card?

Yes! We highly suggest you to inform us if the product is a gift to your loved ones. We provide FREE Birthday Card and Celebration card upon request.

Can you write some wishes in the card?

It's our pleasure to hand write the messages for you! Kindly inform our customer service or state this request at the check out remarks. Due to the limited space on the card, we will suggest you to minimise your word count to below 30 words (if possible). However, if you have more words to express, you can always send more than 30 words (we will squeeze in for you) no problem at all!

Can you remove the invoice and receipt in the parcel as this is a gift?

When a parcel is remarked as a gift, we will not place any invoice or receipt in the parcel.

Free Gift

Will I receive free gift for my order?

Yes, Getaway Shopaholic Getaholic provides free gift for all orders.

When will I receive my free gift pack?

Before your parcel arrived or in your parcel. We will ship out our free gift on every Monday, so stay excited!

What is the free gift?

Getaway Shopaholic offers different types of free gift depending on our availability. Our staple free gift choices are designer socks, exclusive Getaholic's pen and stationeries, and more.

I did not received my free gift, what can I do?

I'm truly sorry that you did not receive the free gifts. Kindly contact our customer service and we will resend your free gifts.

Hope that this FAQ solves all your doubts! If you have any enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us at anytime you need!

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